About Seeds of Democracy

When the Republican Convention came to New York City in 2004, opposing voices wanted to be heard.  Activists requested a permit to hold a rally in Central Park, but the mayor denied it, claiming that it would be too costly to reseed the grass.  We handed out little bags of grass seed, hoping our efforts would convince the powers that be that we would repair any potential damage to the lawn, but alas, the mayor prevailed and demonstrators never got to the park.

We have held onto the idea that our democracy needs to be reseeded every now and then, and, as we enter the era of Trump, it looks like it is necessary to revive the Seeds of Democracy movement.  This time, though, we’re not planting grass. Instead, we’re cultivating knowledge, because information is power.

We realized during the 2016 election that many people have no idea of what their elected representatives do.  So, we are using this space to provide regular updates on our New York Senators and  Representative’s legislative votes.  We have included links to Senator Schumer, Senator Gillibrand and our representative’s website, the House Congressional Calendar, and key votes taken from MegaVote.  We have also included information on all of the state Senate and Assembly districts as well as contact and voting information for these representatives.

We have reached out to people throughout the 19th CD and include lists of groups that have formed throughout the district and resources that progressive voters have found helpful.