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How to use Seeds of Democracy provides information and resources about elected officials in New York’s 19th Congressional District including contact information and links to federal and state representatives. Each district has a resource page with a map, demographics, voter enrollment numbers, and past election results.

This will be helpful in keeping track of how your representatives are doing their jobs but there are additional things you can do to be an educated voter.  Put Antonio Delgado’s Washington phone number on speed dial (202) 225-5614. Sign up for and receive regular updates from  Sign up for Rep. Antonio Delgado’s newsletter at and visit his website.

Become familiar with and check your state officials’ websites periodically.  Now that there is a Democratic majority in the New York State Senate, follow which bills are being passed and enacted at

Of special note: look at the New York Assembly and Senate district maps. These maps tell a story; NY-19 districts are examples of classic gerrymandering. The shapes of the maps are creative, and you’ll notice that neighboring towns have different State Senators or Assembly members. Redistricting begins after the 2020 U.S. census and next time around we can all benefit from impartial districts.

You’ll find many different resources on this site including county information, lists of activist groups, and news sources.  If you can think of other information that would be helpful, please let us know.

We think that informed people are the best voters!