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New York State Senate Districts by Party Enrollment

This information is based on voter enrollment data released by New York State in November of 2017 

Total enrollment in New York State is 12,462,279.
Democratic enrollment is 6,250,332 or 50% of total enrollment.
Republican enrollment is 2,840,906 or 22% of total enrollment.

There are a total of 63 State Senate districts.
31 Senators are in the Republican Caucus or 50%
22 Senators are in the Democratic Caucus or 34%
8 Senators are in the IDC which caucuses with the Republican Caucus or 12%
2 Democratic Senate Districts are vacant or 3%

For the purpose of this page, comparisons were made between Democratic and Republican enrollment even thought there are other parties listed and non-affiliated enrollment.  Complete listings can be found on the webpage listed above.  Republicans represent 15 districts where the largest enrollment is Republicans and 16 districts where the largest enrollment is Democrats.  IDC members represent districts where the largest enrollment is Democrats. Democrats represent 22 districts where the largest enrollment is Democrats.  No district with the largest enrollment of Republicans is represented by a Democrat. Two Democratic districts are vacant.

2016 Vote Totals for NYS Senate Districts

Financial Disclosure Information for 2016 NYS Senate Campaigns

Information on the 2016 senate elections can be found at Ballotpedia

1Kenneth P. La ValleRepublicanX
2John J. FlanaganRepublicanX
3Thomas D. CrociRepublicanX DEM 67,930/ REP 58,787
4Philip M. BoyleRepublicanX DEM 79,544/ REP 65,832
5Carl L. MarcellinoRepublicanX DEM 82,623/ REP 77,163
6Kemp HannonRepublican X DEM 88,530/ REP 79,573
7Elaine R. PhillipsRepublicanX DEM 93,641/ REP 68,486
8John E. BrooksDemocratX
9Todd D. KaminskyDemocratX
10James Sanders, Jr.DemocratX
11Tony AvellaDemocrat/IDC55% DEMS
12Michael GianarisDemocratX
13Jose R. PeraltaDemocrat/IDC68% DEMS
14Leroy G. ComrieDemocratX
15Joseph P AddabboDemocratX
16Toby Ann StaviskyDemocratX
17Simcha FelderREP/DEMX
18Martin Malave DilanDemocratX
19Roxanne J. PersaudDemocratX
20Jesse E. HamiltonDemocrat/IDC78% DEMS
21Kevin S. ParkerDemocratX
22Martin J. Golden
(ran unopposed 2016)
RepublicanX DEM 85,030/ REP 36,326
23Diane J. SavinoDemocrat/IDC58% DEMS
24Andrew Lanza
(ran unopposed 2016)
RepublicanX DEM 81,633/ REP 79,487
25Velmanette MontgomeryDemocratX
27Brad HoylmanDemocratX
28Liz KruegerDemocratX
29Jose M. SerranoDemocratX
30Brian BenjaminDemocratX
31Marisol AlcantaraDemocrat/IDC76% DEMS
33J. Gustavo RiveraDemocratX
34Jeffrey D. KleinDemocrat/IDC64% DEMS
35Andrea Stewart-CousinsDemocratX
36Jamaal T. BaileyDemocratX
37George S. LatimerDemocratX
38David S. CarlucciDemocrat/IDC46% DEMS
39William J. LarkinRepublicanX DEM 70,483/ REP 54,917
40Terrence P. MurphyRepublicanX DEM 75,967/ REP 63,827
41Susan J. SerinoRepublicanX DEM 72,012/ REP 57,864
42John J. BonadicRepublicanX DEM 70,591/ REP 57,164
43Kathleen A. MarchioneRepublicanX
44Neil D. BreslinDemocratX
45Elizabeth O'C. LittleRepublicanX
46George A. AmedoreRepublicanX DEM 68,444/ REP 55,657
47Joseph A. GriffoRepublicanX
48Patricia RitchieRepublicanX
49James N. TedescoRepublicanX
50John DeFranciscoRepublicanX
51James SewardRepublicanX
52Frederick J. AksharRepublicanX
53David J. ValencyDemocrat/IDC40% DEMS
54Pamela A. HelmingRepublicanX
55Rich Funke
(ran unopposed in 2016)
RepublicanX DEM 79,534/ REP 59,711
56Joseph E. RobachRepublicanX
57Catharine M. YoungRepublicanX
58Thomas F. O'MaraRepublicanX
59Patrick M. GallivantRepublicanX
60Christopher L. JacobsRepublicanX DEM 92,176/ REP 53,471
61Michael H. RanzenhoferRepublicanX DEM 74,006/ REP 67,659
62Robert G. OrttRepublicanX DEM 66,038/ REP 65,127
63Timothy M. KennedyDemocratX